About us

Imagestag.com is a blog started by me in 2020. I am basically a mechanical engineer started working as a freelance content writer and blog developer in 2008. In these 7 years, I worked on a lot of different niches, and read lots of good and not so good ideas on many topics distributed over internet. The basic idea behind starting this blog is to provide a platform where anyone can share or ask ideas about anything.Why Imagestag ?
In my beginning days I faced many problems in deciding that weather my certain idea will work or not? or is this the right way to do a certain job or not? and the simple solution to this problem is like we all do, search that on internet. The problem is there are lot of opinions available on internet, but don’t know which one is best? and in case after trying many ideas i developed an idea which worked well for me and wanna share that but how to share it? For example as you wanna make chocolate cake and for this you will search chocolate cake recipe on internet and will get nearly 100 or 200 websites which are providing different recipes and ideas. Hopefully by mixing, modifying 1, 2 0r 3 websites recipes and by applying your own ideas you will get your desired cake, and you know this cake is better than those cakes made by using recipes available on internet. Now the question is where you can share your this recipe or your expert opinion or ideas.

  • Will make your own website: Expensive, Time consuming.
  • On Facebook: Will reach to your friends and family only
  • Imagestag.com: Your idea will get spread globally and will also get expert reviews to make your ideas better.